Vaccinium macrocarpon (American cranberry)

What is Vaccinium macrocarpon (American cranberry)?

Vaccinium macrocarpon is a species of cranberry that helps support urinary tract health.

The history of Vaccinium macrocarpon use

According to traditional folklore, Vaccinium macrocarpon was used to treat a variety of ailments involving the skin, blood, stomach and urinary tract.1 Juice from cranberries is popularly used among health practitioners, is given freely to residents of nursing care facilities, and is one of the most commonly used home remedies among consumers.1 The link between Vaccinium macrocarpon and urinary health was first recognised in the 1800’s.1 Vaccinium macrocarpon is rich in healthy phytochemicals. It contains anthocyanins, which are the red fruit pigments that protect the fruit from UV. 1

The specific extract used by Flordis

The specific extract used by Flordis is known as Ellura. Ellura contains an exclusive extract of cranberry that has 36 mg of proanthocyanidins (PACs), quantified according to the BL-DMAC method. This individual and highly technical process of manufacturing Ellura, helps to ensure a consistent form and amount of PACs in every formulation - meaning each final product will contain the same high quality active ingredient. The Vaccinium macrocarpon extract used by Flordis has been evaluated in a number of clinical trials.

Natural medicines can vary considerably depending on how they are produced. Flordis believes it’s the science behind growing, harvesting and processing that delivers the true health benefits of natural medicine. That’s why in the making of a Flordis medicine, careful attention is applied to plant species and growing methods through to cultivation and harvest, using precise processes to help produce consistent crops. This is continued with extracting and manufacturing of specific ingredients following a series of strict controls to help deliver a consistent medicine from one batch to the next.

It is this specific medicine that is tested in clinical trials. And it’s the same medicine that you receive, which is one of the reasons you can feel good about its effectiveness. Flordis medicines follow processes where all of the steps involved in the growth and manufacture of the natural medicine are tightly controlled to reduce variability and to help ensure consistency.

Natural medicines can vary considerably depending on how they are produced.  Flordis believes it’s the science behind growing, harvesting and processing that delivers the true health benefits of natural medicine.

How Ellura works

When you have recurrent cystitis, strains of E.coli bacteria may attach to the wall of your urinary tract.

It is the PACs in Vaccinium macrocarpon that is believed to have anti-adhesion properties. This means the PACs help support a healthy urinary tract by helping to prevent ‘bacteria such as E.coli from sticking to the urinary tract wall 2, assisting your body to flush it out naturally. This helps maintain urinary tract health and reduce the frequency of recurrent cystitis.

Key Studies on Ellura

The specific extract of Vaccinium macrocarpon that is in Ellura has been tested in a number of clinical studies in various different groups of people.  These studies include:

  • Uberos J et al, 2012: Cranberry syrup vs.trimethoprim in the prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections among children, Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials  Vol 4 p 31–38
  • Howell A et al 2010: Dosage effect on uropathogenic E.coli anti-adhesion activity in urine following consumption of cranberry powder standardised for PAC content, BMC Infectious Diseases  Issue94:1-11
  • Bianco L et al 2012: Pilot randomised controlled dosing study of cranberry capsules for reduction of bacteriuria plus pyuria in female nursing home residents, J Am Geriatr Soc 60:1180-1.
  • Botto H & Neuzillet Y 2010: Effectiveness of cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) preparation in reducing asymptomatic bacteriuria in patients with an ileal enterocystoplasty, Scand J Urol and Nephrol  44:165-8.
Some of these studies were supported by the manufacturer of Ellura – Pharmatoka.

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