Supports energy, immunity & respiratory system functioning

Is Ginsana right for you?

Are you feeling low on energy? Are you looking to improve your endurance and stamina?

If you tend to struggle with energy levels or are facing a period of increased stress on your body, Ginsana may be an option for you.

Ginsana can be used to help:

  • Improve energy levels1
  • Support physical and mental endurance1
  • Assist recovery from fatigue1
  • Strengthen immune system (increased immune cell components)2,3

The result of over 20 years of clinical research, Ginsana has been shown to help energise and invigorate the body, especially during periods of increased demand and stress. This natural formulation supports both physical and mental endurance while helping to assist recovery from fatigue.

The Ginsana Difference

Ginsana is a natural medicine clinically researched in patients for over 20 years to help support energy and endurance. It contains a specific extract of Panax ginseng (G115) renowned for being one of the world’s leading clinically trialled ginsengs.1

Ginsana has been shown to help increase oxygen and glucose uptake and supply4, while improving blood circulation to the heart, lungs and brain.1 Results show a significant improvement in VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake) together with a significant reduction in maximum heart rate. Further research indicates reduced lactic acid production. 1

By actively supporting the body during times of increased demand, Ginsana can help improve endurance and shorten recovery times.1

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Product details


Ginsana contains a specific extract (G115) of Panax ginseng. This specific extract has demonstrated effectiveness and tolerability in multiple clinical trials. Learn more about Panax ginseng.

Each capsule contains Panax ginseng extract, equiv dry root 212.5 mg standardised to ginsenosides 4 mg.


Available Packaging

60 capsules

Directions for use

Recommended dosage and directions

Adults and adolescents 12 years and over: take 2 capsules daily with breakfast or 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with lunch.

For best results, take Ginsana for 8 weeks minimum.1



Ginsana is well tolerated with no known drug interactions. Panax ginseng may reduce the effect of warfarin (or other coumarin anticoagulants).

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.


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Frequently asked questions

How does Ginsana differ to other Panax ginseng products?

Ginsana is clinically proven, it is the exact product that has been used in clinical trials. Each Ginsana capsule contains a specific extract of Panax ginseng (G115) that is produced using a standardised and controlled process. In the preparation of Ginsana, only selected ‘white ginseng’ roots are used; these are harvested after 5 to 7 years’ growth, to ensure optimal concentration of active components. This unique extract has 20 years of clinical research.

How long should I take Ginsana for?

It is recommended to take Ginsana regularly for at least 2 months. The benefits for some people are felt quite quickly, whilst for others the full course may be necessary to experience maximum benefit. If you have specific questions about taking Ginsana, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional.

Can Ginsana be used during pregnancy and lactation?

Ginsana is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation as there are no published studies to establish its safe use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Is Ginsana suitable for children and adolescents?

Where appropriate, Ginsana can be recommended for adolescents 12 years and older. If you have specific questions or concerns, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional.

Do Ginsana capsules need to be swallowed whole?

Yes, Ginsana capsules should be swallowed whole and not broken or chewed.

Is Ginsana likely to have any side effects?

Ginsana is generally very well tolerated. If higher than the recommended dose is ingested, signs of nervousness may occur in some individuals. In rare cases, gastrointestinal reactions (such as nausea, stomach pain and diarrhoea) and decreased sleep requirements have been reported after taking Ginsana. It is important to speak with a healthcare professional if you are concerned about possible side effects.

Is Ginsana likely to interact with other medications?

There are no known interactions between Ginsana and any prescribed medications. However, caution is advised in patients with bleeding disorders and for those on medications that may increase the risk of bleeding. It is important to speak with a healthcare professional before starting Ginsana if you are taking prescription medications.

Is Ginsana gluten free?

Yes, Ginsana has no gluten added.

Does Ginsana contain lactose?

Yes, Ginsana contains a very small amount of lactose (43mg) in each capsule.

Does Ginsana contain any stimulants or sugar?

No, Ginsana does not contain any caffeine, stimulants or sugar.

Does Ginsana contain sugar alcohols?

Yes, Ginsana capsules contain a small amount of mannitol.

Should Ginsana be stopped before surgery?

It is recommended to stop Ginsana 2 weeks before surgery. However, it is important to discuss this with your healthcare professional, including your anaesthetist and surgeon.

Will Ginsana affect my ability to drive and operate machinery?

Ginsana has no known adverse effects in these situations.

Where can I find Ginsana?

Ginsana is available at leading pharmacies and selected health shops without a prescription.


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